Who We Are 

WINTERPLATEAU was founded in January 2016, in Vila Verde, with a guiding principle – to develop and fill a perceived need within the construction market and the rehabilitation for its clients of innovative products in multifunctional EPS supported on the best practice and technology.

It results from a restless search undertaken by professionals determined to create and develop a line of differentiated products, for the consequent increase in productivity and value creation, this way presenting a higher quality and innovation which lead to success factors and several competitive advantages in com-parison to the already existing products.

Through the innovative process of EPS recoating in Portugal, we supply our clients with semi-finished products for the exterior and interior. As a strategy and innovation, EPS coated with mortar and high mechanical strength and elasticity fiber, which provide a quicker accomplishment of the work.

That is how Winterplateau was born, a pioneering and innovative company which assimilated the tradition and know-how on EPS transformation.


Winterplateau is a modern and innovative company which offers the best quality in its products, meeting its client’s most demanding requirements.To help each client to project and build, our company offers better quality and shorter delivery times for greater customer satisfaction.

We aim to provide the clients with quality in service and excellence in the gross and transformed EPS products, to engage in a full commitment to the clients and to be known by our actions on what environmental and sustainability efforts concern.


WINTERPLATEAU has the latest technological equipment of the sector, innovative systems, with the highest technology and precision in the treating and processing of expanded polymers combined or not with other materials, applied through all its range.

Changes bring many good things where risk and insecurity are replaced by the satisfaction and certainty of creating something better, something innovative.By these means, Winterplateau presents itself as a pioneering and innovative company, able to offer this and much more, and being able to innovate and recreate new concepts with responsibility and sustainability in the world we are living in today.

To be an icon for quality and commitment to its clients and markets.To introduce innovations and solutions to the market, always driven by the know-how of its employees and partners who will work having in mind the sustainability and success of their actions.Ethics, respect and values; anticipate and practise innovation; encouraging the individual development, respect, committed with our purpose and being cohesive to sustainability.

Since the first moment, we have invested in the certification of our employees and the Company as a way of giving credibility to our commitment and responsibility towards our national and international Clients.We intend to have a working environment full of challenges, opportunities and collaboration, where innovation in creating effective solutions is valued and recognized.