AVer-O-Mar School 

A project that stands out for the difference, that traces a unique meaning and its own brand.

An unusual project, in a very common place. Provision of positives and negatives for, subsequently, concreting in order to create a highlight in an inverted way.


A project developed with the purpose of elaborating a junction between the old pieces, already somewhat damaged, and the new pieces.

The concern to keep the essence of the old in harmony with the style of the present. A project developed with excellent feedback. Provision of cornices and exterior moldings with its own design.

JC Costa 

A project conceived under a single rule: to keep the existing line in place.

This project started with the difference that all the pieces provided were a recreation of those that were already unable to play their role. Supply of interior frames.

pero Pinheiro church 

A project to embellish a Casa de Fé. The need to feel cozy often starts from small details, in the most diverse forms.

The project, which is not yet completely ready in terms of details, is beginning to gain strength on the path they intend to take. Supply of outdoor cornices.


A project where, once again, the existing trait will unquestionably.

In this way, the supply of exterior window frames (upper floor) solved a problem in the features presented.


An unusual project, where you can find a very unique and creative style.

Supply of interior beams.

adão e pinto 

A traditional project, where the taste for old style is felt.

Supply of rodatetos and interior moldings.


A project (Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota) developed in order to respond to several fundamental points.

The need to combine lighting with aesthetics presented us with the final result, being this way, a room impossible to go unnoticed. Supply of interior moldings.


A project several meters high, which once again contemplates the old features in a rehabilitated building.

Supply of interior rodatetos.

Santa eulália 

A project totally different from the traditional / usual one, where the final solution was pleased by the client and all the curious people who cannot remain indifferent to the work of this dimension.

Supply of pillar cladding (from capital to base) and window frames.


We develop and create works in EPS for the most varied effects, whether logos, frames for photos, details for various functions, among others …